Don't let the preparation ruin your holiday, going on holiday helps you relax, unwind and forget about the stress of everyday life. Unfortuately planning and preparing for a holiday is usually anything but relaxing. Avoiding common mistakes when booking and getting everything you need can be a headache.

I created this site based on my own experience to hopefully make the process easier to manage. If you have been away a few times before and just want a quick checklist to keep track of your preparations use the quick checklist.

Alternatively if you have not been on holiday before and want some starter tips try the full checklist. Here you will find lots of advice on how to go through the whole process from thinking of going on holiday to booking and packing.

Paying for a holiday is also another matter we would rather not think about; the holiday budget calculator should help you work out how much you are going to need. If you are looking for the cheapest gear for your holiday check out our shop.

Finally there are some useful links for information and companies to help get you started.