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Bank notified

If you plan on using your credit or debit card abroad, even if it is just for emergencies, you need to tell your bank you are travelling. Most banks will block your card the minute you try an use it abroad if you haven't notified them.

Airport transfers

Getting to and from the airport – Usually a straight forward operation but depending how good the airport transport links are and flight times this can sometimes be an issue.

If you are relying on public transport and taking an early or late flight you can't always count on public transport being available. Usually the airport website is the place to find this information.

If you are getting a taxi, local firms will likely be cheaper and should be booked a bit in advance to make sure you can get one. Getting a taxi from the airport home again will probably be expensive, although if you are tired you may be able to live with the extra cost.

Travel Money

Again it pays to shop around, be wary of 0% commission shops, they may charge no commission but give you a lousy exchange rate.

Before buying your holiday money go online and check the current exchange rate for your currency the BBC website is a good place to look.

You will not likely get this rate anywhere but it gives you a base to work out who has the best deal. Most shops will also buy your foreign currency back at 0% commission but only if you keep your original receipt. One final note you will not be able to exchange any coins, only notes and you will get a poor rate so it is better to spend it on your holiday.

Check Travel Advice

The Government will issue travel advice for certain destination where there are known risks of any kind that may pose a threat. Although this will likely not be an issue for the popular tourist destinations it is worth checking prior to travelling.

Check the News

Unfortunately air traffic control strikes, natural and political events will happen. So it worth keeping an eye on the news just before you travel in case you need to make any extra plans. Always check the airport departures and news on the day you travel for any updates or issues that may affect your journey.

Email to Confirm Booking

Email the hotel a few days before you go to make sure they have your booking. You don't want to end up without a place to sleep or finding out that your room has been double booked. It is also a good opportunity to put in any requests, restaurant bookings or last minute questions to the hotel, sometimes they will be quite amenable to room preferences.

Pimp your suitcase

You will get a tag attached to your suitcase when you check-in, but you may find some people have the same or similar suitcase as yours. It helps to attach something distinctive like a ribbon so you can spot it easily in baggage reclaim.

Depending on how paranoid you are you may also want to get a small padlock for your case if you have anything of value in it.

Don't put your address on your bag, instead use a spare email address, ideally one you don't use for anything important. If you should be unfortunate enough to lose a bag you can still be contacted without giving out your personal address details.

Local maps and guide

Map or guide of the area – always handy although you can usually get one there it is useful to plan a bit before hand where you want to go.

You don't really want to spend time on your holiday finding stuff or finding that amazing place on the last day so a bit of research with a guide book is always a good idea.

Plastic bags

Always useful for dirty stuff, souvenirs, spare shoes and general packing. Especially for toiletries or duty free in case they leak.

Extra Clothes

Too much is better. If you are going somewhere very hot you may need more clothes than usual; sitting around in the same sweaty gear all day long isn't fun.

Some of the fancier hotels may actually have a dress policy for evening meals in their restaurant so bringing nothing but swimwear and flip flops may not be a good plan.

Beach Towel

Some hotels will not let you use the room towels at the pool and certainly not the beach. So best to bring your own with you or check the hotel's policy before you go. Although it is the scourge of most peoples holiday if you do bring your own towels you at least know which sunbed is yours should you reserve it in the mornings.

Toothbrush & Toiletries

As the saying goes don't forget your toothbrush, mind the toothpaste too.

Shower gel and Shampoo etc. may be provided by the hotel but you can't always guarantee there will be much or it will be decent quality so best to bring your own.

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